CNN Travel: Skylodge Adventure Suites

5 great places to visit in May The clearing skies of May give you a chance to take part in a daring Peruvian adventure: spending the night in clear pods alongside a cliff in the Sacred Valley. Skylodge Adventure Suites can set it all up for you. (Phone: +51 084-201253). Read more…

Stay in glass pods on the side of a mountain in Peru

If you like a little adrenaline with your accommodation, perhaps it’s time to consider a stay at Peru’s cliff-hanging holiday houses. Suspended on a rock face over 1,312 feet above the Sacred Valley in Cusco Peru, are the Skylodge Adventure Suites. The incredible glass-pods have lured intrepid travellers since 2013, but getting there isn’t an[…]

Would you sleep in a glass pod hanging off a Peruvian cliff?

(CNN) — Would you sleep in a transparent capsule hanging off the side of a Peruvian mountain? That’s the idea behind the spectacular Skylodge Adventures Suites, glass lodges precariously situated on the side of a cliff in Peru’s Sacred Valley. If you’re brave enough, these crystalline pods are accessible only after climbing 400 meters (about[…]

Incredible lodges literally hang off the side of a mountain in Peru – and tourists can actually stay the night

If you’re scared of heights, then this could be the overnight stay of your nightmares – but for adventurers, it’s the stuff of dreams! That’s because Natura Vive’s Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru are quite literally hanging off the side of a mountain – 1200ft above the ground below. For the braver souls, it makes[…]

If you’re not bothered by heights, stay in these lodges hanging off the side of mountains in Peru

Metro: Which emotion is stronger: an overwhelming fear of heights or an overwhelming need to get great pics for the ‘gram? If you choose the latter, you might want to book a stay in one of these snazzy lodged in Peru’s Sacred Valley of Cusco. Suspended 1,200ft off the ground, luxurious lodge capsules hang off[…]