Amid the Peruvian Andes sits the Sacred Valley of the Incas, transected by the Urubamba river that created it and famous as home to the ruins of Machu Picchu. Now imagine spending the night tucked into bed in a glass capsule suspended 1,200 feet up a mountainside, overlooking the valley and surrounded by stars.


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  1. Henry Huber

    We would love for this to be one of the stops during our honeymoon. We haven’t nailed down a date for the wedding yet, but we were wondering what one nights stay would cost, in one of your glass capsules.

  2. anna carolina ricken

    Hi, I’ll be in Cusco
    From 29/12 to 10/01, I would love to sleep one night at the Sky lodge adventure. case
    is not possible
    I would like to visit, have lunch, dinner, it would be wonderful to go the night. I await your contact, anna hugs

  3. Kerri

    I’d like to book this sometime during the week of April 23-28th
    Thank you

  4. Abigail Wood

    Please could you email me prices and different packages for September 2019?

  5. Rachel Wolfson


    I was interested in booking one of the suites for 1 night in May 2019, what is the current availability and pricing?

    Thank you!

    Rachel Wolfson

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