The safest way to climb a 400 meter rock face

You can try 300 meters climbing and 100 meters rappel or the combined tour Via ferrata & Zip-line.

1. What is a via ferrata?

A via ferrata is a path used to climb a mountain with a safety system permanently installed. It gives the chance to people without any experience in climbing, the opportunity to move through spectacular mountain scenery using a minimum of equipment.

The climber is permanently tied to a steel cable that runs through the entire route. Usually does not require any climbing rope. Metal ladders, bridges and similar facilities are used. This helps maintain the physical difficulty of climbing and mix beginners skills while providing access to a very high, and extreme vertical sections of a mountain, that could only be accessible to experienced rock climbers.

2. Who can climb a via ferrata?

Anyone who is in good health and physical condition is able to climb the via ferrata. Maximum weight of 265 lbs (120 kg) to safely climb the via ferrata. The minimum age to climb the Sacred Valley via ferrata is 8 years old. Without exception, the via ferrata climbers must always be accompanied by a guide.

3. What kind of equipement is used?

A standard climbing harness, helmet, gloves and a via ferrata lanyard, (double system with strength dissipater especially designed for via ferrata climbers). All our equipement is certified CE. These elements will be provided by us.

4. Security at the via ferrata

The equipment used allows the person to remain tied to a “life line”, in this case a steel cable. Through the via ferrata lanyard the person can go up securing himself with the carabineers. If a fall occurs, the person will remain tide to the “life line” without any risk.

All our guides are mountain guides trained in vertical rescue and ropes.

5. What you need to bring?

Use light clothing and good shoes (tennis, light hiking boots, etc.. No sandals). Note that as you go upper the weather will be colder and windy, you can carry extra clothing in a small backpack. Bring at least 1 lt. of water. You can bring your empty bottle, we do have purified water at our base so you can refill it at the beginning and at the end of the activity. Eco friendly Attitude; please recycle bottles, we provide the water you bring the bottle.

6. Via Ferrata duration

Arrival, equipment and safety talk will take 30 minutes. The ascent and descent of the route will last between 3-4 hours in accordance with the pace of the group.

7. Price

The price for one person is s/180.00 (peruvian currency). It includes a via ferrata climb, private transportation from Cusco or the Sacred Valley, equipment (harness, helmet, via ferrata set and gloves), guides and box lunch. For private groups rates, please ask.

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