Skylodge Adventure Suites

Condé Nast Traveler: A retreat for the lover of heights in Peru

These three Skylodge Adventure Suites, available on Airbnb, are as “out there” as you can get on the rental site. The capsules offer guests “the chance to sleep within a completely transparent hanging bedroom,” according to the listing, offering unmatched views of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Just getting to your room is an adventure: You’ll need[…]

A day at the Skylodge Adventure Suites

As a young teenager I would scroll my way through Pinterest and pin all the beautiful places I planned to eventually visit and see with my own eyes. One of those pins was the Adventure Skylodge Suites. To describe it, it’s a transparent capsule that hangs from a cliff in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco,[…]

Skylodge Adventure Suites: The Most Unusual Honeymoon Destinations You And Your Partner Should Definitely Try

Skylodge Adventure Suites Lovebirds who share an adventurous spirit will surely have the time of their lives in the Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru. This unique room is perched on the side of a cliff, 1,200 feet above the ground. The pod contains glass windows which give its guests a view of the landscape that is[…]

Skylodge Adventure Suites: A Perfect Summertime Hotel Stay for the Adrenaline Junkie

How does booking overnight accommodations in a capsule that hangs off the side of a mountain work for you? If you’re not bothered by heights and you’re looking for a truly unusual and possibly adrenaline-fueled overnight stay, set your sights on South America’s country of Peru. Yes, these ‘luxury hotel cubes’ are called the Skylodge[…]

Skylodge Adventure suites in Cusco: 10 Ways to Experience the World Through A Glass Bubble

Nest in the Sky Experience the popular Sacred Valley of Cuzco by relaxing in a glass pod in the Skylodge Adventure Suites. Skylodge Adventure Suites lend new meaning to the expression “hanging out.” Each pod, enclosed entirely in glass, hangs out over the edge of a cliff overlooking Peru’s Sacred Valley of Cuzco. A vigorous[…]

Putting Your Hotel at the Forefront of Innovation

Offer Memorable Experiences By Magnus Friberg, CEO & President of Zaplox When considering new ways to innovate your hotel’s offerings, try to shift into the mindset of ‘experience over things’. Your hotel shouldn’t just represent accommodations, but also a truly memorable experience for each guest. An extreme example of this approach can be seen with[…]

CNN Travel: Skylodge Adventure Suites

5 great places to visit in May The clearing skies of May give you a chance to take part in a daring Peruvian adventure: spending the night in clear pods alongside a cliff in the Sacred Valley. Skylodge Adventure Suites can set it all up for you. (Phone: +51 084-201253). Read more…