Would you sleep in a glass pod hanging off a Peruvian cliff?

(CNN) — Would you sleep in a transparent capsule hanging off the side of a Peruvian mountain? That’s the idea behind the spectacular Skylodge Adventures Suites, glass lodges precariously situated on the side of a cliff in Peru’s Sacred Valley. If you’re brave enough, these crystalline pods are accessible only after climbing 400 meters (about[…]

Incredible lodges literally hang off the side of a mountain in Peru – and tourists can actually stay the night

If you’re scared of heights, then this could be the overnight stay of your nightmares – but for adventurers, it’s the stuff of dreams! That’s because Natura Vive’s Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru are quite literally hanging off the side of a mountain – 1200ft above the ground below. For the braver souls, it makes[…]

If you’re not bothered by heights, stay in these lodges hanging off the side of mountains in Peru

Metro: Which emotion is stronger: an overwhelming fear of heights or an overwhelming need to get great pics for the ‘gram? If you choose the latter, you might want to book a stay in one of these snazzy lodged in Peru’s Sacred Valley of Cusco. Suspended 1,200ft off the ground, luxurious lodge capsules hang off[…]

Jaw-dropping glass pod Airbnb hangs off a CLIFF – you’ll have to be very brave to stay

The Daily Star: Skylodge’s Adventure Suites are some of the most-viewed locations on Airbnb because of the unusual rooms they offer. The Peruvian dwelling boasts one of the best views on Airbnb – but you’d have to be a daredevil to stay there. Each glass pod is suspended from a cliff, allowing you an incredible[…]

SKY LODGE – Best adventure lodge in Peru

This is definitely one of the best places I’ve stayed at. Transparent capsules suspended nearly 400m above the gorgeous Sacred Valley in Cusco. Unique adventure experience! Mountain climbing + Sleeping under the stars + Waking up above the Sacred Valley of Cusco. ç This is a must if you plan on visiting Peru. – Romi[…]