Skylodge: Sleep in a glass pod dangling off a cliff.


On an Andean cliff overlooking Sacred Valley, there are three ovular glass pods dangling from the rock face. They’re not art, nor are they UFOs. They’re hotel rooms.

The «Skylodge» is owned by a tourism company called Natura Vive, and these three suites comprise the entire luxury hotel. The three pods are the size of a tiny airplane cabin, and are transparent on all sides. They’re mostly bedroom and bathroom, with the first taken up entirely by a down bed and the second equipped with curtains for privacy.

There’s not much to do in the pods, but then again, you’re not coming for comfort. Just to get there you have to hike up 1,200 feet of Via Ferrara or zipline in (for extra cost). Once there though, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the valley below, the surrounding Andes, and condors circling in the open skies above.

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Sacred Valley: Sleeping on a cliff-face


How on earth do we find ourselves hanging off a cliff-face, in a glass-bubble bedroom, suspended on wires above Peru’s Sacred Valley? Well, it is just the small matter of a 400m rock-climb via-ferrata and a 200m high hanging wire-bridge to reach said bubble, then a six-stage zip-wire descent to return to terra-firma next morning. Stupid or brave… ?

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Muy Interesante: ¿Hay un hotel que deja ‘colgados’ a sus clientes?

Las cápsulas de cristal de las Skylodge Adventure Suites, en el Valle Sagrado de los Incas (Perú), están adheridas a una roca vertical, a 400 metros de altura.


Pues sí, hay un hotel con esa particularidad, y además literalmente, ya que las Skylodge Adventure Suites, en Cuzco (Perú), son amplias cápsulas de cristal adheridas a 400 m de altura a una roca vertical del Valle Sagrado de los Incas.

Se trata de tres habitáculos fabricados en aluminio aeroespacial y policarbonato que han sido fijados a la roca en 21 puntos de sujeción, miden 7,5 metros de largo por 2,6 metros de alto y ancho. Pueden soportar hasta veinticinco toneladas y su forma poligonal está pensada para resistir mejor el viento y ampliar el campo visual.

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BBC: El hotel en Perú donde puedes dormir colgando de un precipicio

En la ladera de un precipicio con vistas al Valle Sagrado en Perú, cerca de la ciudad de Cuzco, hay un hotel muy peculiar.

Las habitaciones son en realidad tres cáspsulas encalladas en la montaña donde los visitantes pueden pernoctar y disfrutar de las vistas increíbles de esta región de los Andes peruanos.

Cada cápsula cuenta con un baño privado y cuatro camas.

¿Te atreverías a pasar una noche allí?

5 Crazy Camping Alternatives You Didn’t Know You Could Try: Cliff Camping in Peru

Sacred Valley is pegged as one of the best hikes in the world and the area is quickly gaining notoriety for its cliffside escapes too. Whimsically billed as the only «million-star hotel» the glass pods at Skylodge Adventure Suites are suspended 400 feet above ground, giving overnight guests amazing views of the Andes cliffs and the riverbed below. The pods run about $1,000 a night and are large enough to fit up to four beds, a dining area and a semi-private bathroom (you are in a glass pod after all).

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9 Incredible Places to Spend the Night: Natura Vive Skylodge Peru

Leave your acrophobia at the bike rack because the Natura Vive Skylodge in Peru is made up of three clear-walled capsules positioned to hang from a cliff in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Fearless travelers can spend the night dangling precariously 400 feet over the heartland of the Inca Empire, or they can recover from the 400 meter hike to the lodge and enjoy a luxury catered dinner.

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